Oxbridge International School.

We are pleased to introduce you to our nutrition page at Oxbridge International School, where your child’s health is our top priority.
We strictly adhere to the principles of a balanced diet to provide your child with all the necessary nutrients. Instead of the traditional three meals, we offer five varied and complete meals throughout the day.
This approach helps to keep the energy and focus of the students high throughout the day. We also pay special attention to allergens, which we try to exclude from the daily menu. Our team of chefs and pastry chefs are highly experienced and always ready to offer different food options to meet the needs of every child.


Compliance with sanitary standards is another important component of our diet. We strictly monitor the cleanliness and hygiene of our kitchen to ensure the safety of your child. All of our products undergo rigorous quality checks and are selected with particular attention to freshness and health.

We are also proud to offer fresh vegetables and fruits, which are a natural source of vitamins and minerals. We avoid adding excess sugar and try to maintain healthy sugar levels in our food. At Oxbridge International School, we understand that healthy eating is one of the keys to the successful learning and development of your child. Therefore, we do our best to offer him the best choice of food that suits his needs and preferences. Join us at Oxbridge International School and let your child enjoy healthy, delicious food that will help them excel academically and in life. Healthy eating is the key to a successful future!