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Kindergarten Campus

Oxbridge International School

The Kindergarten Campus of Oxbridge International School offers a unique environment for children to develop and play. One of the main features of the campus is its large green area, which is surrounded by many trees. Here, children can enjoy nature, as well as watch squirrels that deftly jump from branch to branch.
The campus also has its own swimming pool where children can learn to swim and enjoy the great outdoors. The pool is equipped with everything necessary for safe swimming and has professional instructors.


Swimming for children is one of the most beneficial sports. The ability to hold on and feel confident in the water is a basic vital skill that hardens and develops a child’s endurance. Swimming has a positive effect on the physical, psychological, intellectual and social development of a child. The coach selects games in such a way that they match the skills of preschoolers. The game method of training allows you to turn visiting the pool into an exciting sport.

For sports and physical activity on campus there is a gym where children can play various sports and develop their skills. The gym has all the necessary equipment for classes, as well as trainers to help children achieve their sports goals.
In addition, the campus has a large indoor playground where children can play and spend time regardless of weather conditions. Here they can exercise, play team games or just chat with friends.


Active walks are important not only for the physical, but also for the intellectual development of our children. Running, jumping, outdoor games are part of development. With the help of outdoor games, endurance, coordination, dexterity and social skills are trained. Playing outdoor games with friends will most likely remain in your memory as the most vivid childhood memories.

Music hall

A place where children get an excellent opportunity to discover their creativity and talents. Here children dance, sing, play musical instruments, participate in concerts, musicals and creative evenings.

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Group rooms

The groups organize and equip development centers in five areas. We support the individual development of each child. To achieve this, a dynamic, positive environment has been created that encourages children to develop themselves, enjoy what they have achieved and love learning. Our engaging curriculum develops the emotional balance, creativity, self-confidence and resourcefulness of each of our children. Experienced teachers encourage our children to explore the world around them, ask questions and learn important skills through exciting lessons.

Security on campus is a priority, so it is guarded and has a video surveillance system. The campus is closed, which provides a safe and secure environment for children.
Inside the groups, modern interactive whiteboards are installed that help children learn and develop. In addition, the campus has many educational toys and materials that promote creativity, logical thinking and motor skills in children. The Oxbridge International School Kindergarten campus offers the perfect combination of nature, an active lifestyle and modern educational opportunities. Here children can enjoy their childhood, develop and create unforgettable memories.