Learning program

Educational program in Kindergarten

Oxbridge International School

At Oxbridge International School, we offer the most progressive educational program for kindergarten, which contributes to the development of comprehensive skills and qualities in children. Our program is based on an individual approach to each child, taking into account their unique needs and abilities. We strive to create a stimulating and interactive learning environment where children can actively participate in the learning and development process. We offer a wide range of subjects and actively employ innovative teaching methods.


At Oxbridge International School, we prioritize English education as it is essential in today’s global context. Our students are educated in an international environment where most subjects are taught in English by international teachers. We follow a smooth transition process for our students from their native language to English. Because the IB philosophy places value on learning multiple languages, we provide students with the opportunity to study Uzbek, Russian, Spanish, and French as part of our core curriculum, with Arabic available as an extracurricular program.

Physical development is an important part of our program. We have specially equipped gyms and 3 swimming pools where children can exercise and play. At the same time, sports events and competitions are organized so that children can develop their physical skills and abilities.

In addition, our program includes activities aimed at developing children’s social skills. We organize group projects, games, and team activities so that children can learn how to work in a team, and develop communication and cooperation skills.

At Oxbridge International School we strive to provide the highest level of education and care for every child. Our progressive educational program helps children develop in all aspects and prepare them for academic success in the future.