A book is a man’s friend!

From early childhood, parents and teachers read books to children! To find out where the books live, the guys and I decided to go to the Republican Children’s Library.

The library workers greeted us with joy! The children listened to the library worker with great interest and mesmerizing glances; she introduced the children to the range of books, and also told them how to use library books correctly.

The children learned that the library is the house of books. They looked at various magazines, books and illustrations with great interest. Together with the guys, we looked at how many shelves and books on different topics there were. Children have never seen so many books anywhere before.

The excursion made a huge impression on my children; the children wanted to make friends with books and come to the library again. In the evening, when the children met their parents, they were in a hurry to tell us about our interesting excursion.

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