Environmental education in kindergarten: laying the foundations for a careful attitude to nature

Environmental education in kindergarten plays an important role in shaping children’s conscious attitude to the environment from an early age. At Oxbridge Kindergarten, we pay special attention to environmental education, creating programs and activities that help children understand the importance of caring for nature and the environment.

Table of contents:

The importance of environmental education at an early age

Environmental education helps children:

  1. To form a responsible attitude towards the environment: Children learn to understand the importance of preserving nature and its resources.
  2. To develop environmental awareness: Children develop a conscious attitude towards the consumption and use of natural resources.
  3. To develop observation and curiosity: Children learn to observe nature, to study its processes and phenomena.
  4. To foster a caring attitude towards nature: Children learn to take care of plants and animals, to understand their role in the ecosystem.

Environmental education at Oxbridge Kindergarten

Environmental classes

Our classes are aimed at studying nature, its phenomena and laws. Children will learn about the water cycle in nature, the importance of trees and plants for the ecosystem, the diversity of animals and their habitat. Classes are held in the form of fascinating lessons, practical experiments and experiments.

Environmental projects

We regularly carry out environmental projects in which children participate together with educators and parents. For example, planting trees and flowers on the territory of a kindergarten, creating mini-gardens and vegetable gardens, participating in cleaning and landscaping campaigns.

Excursions and walks

Excursions and nature walks help children to better understand the world around them. We organize trips to parks, forests, and lakes, where children can observe plants and animals in their natural environment, study their behavior and characteristics.

Environmental games and activities

Games and activities help children learn environmental knowledge in a playful way. We use environmental board games, quests, quizzes and contests that make the learning process interesting and exciting.

Practical tips for parents

Parents play an important role in the environmental education of children. Here are some recommendations to help you support this process:

  1. Be an example: Show by your example how to take care of nature. Sort the garbage, save water and electricity, and use reusable items.
  2. Discuss environmental issues: Talk to children about the importance of preserving nature, explain why you need to take care of resources.
  3. Involve children in environmental activities: Participate with children in environmental actions, tree planting, and territory cleaning.
  4. Use environmental games and books: Buy books about nature for children, play environmental games, watch educational films and cartoons.


Environmental education in kindergarten plays an important role in the formation of environmental awareness in children. At Oxbridge Kindergarten, we create all the conditions for our students to grow up with respect and love for nature. We believe that thanks to our efforts, children will become responsible and conscious citizens, ready to take care of the future of our planet.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our programs, please contact us by phone at +998 (71) 263-22-33. You can also visit our Oxbridge Kindergarten website and our blog for more information. We are always happy to help your child become successful and happy!

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