Tips for parents on preparing a child for kindergarten


Preparing a child for kindergarten is an important and responsible stage for both the baby and his parents. This transition period can be full of excitement and uncertainty, but proper preparation will help make it as comfortable and painless as possible. In this article, we will look at tips and tricks that will help your child easily adapt to a new environment.

1. Getting to know the kindergarten

One of the first steps of preparation is to introduce the child to kindergarten:
🚶🏻‍️Visit a kindergarten: Arrange several visits to the kindergarten before the start of the school year. Let the child play on the playground, get to know the caregivers and other children. This will help reduce the fear of the unknown.
📅 Tell us about the daily routine: Explain to the child what he will do in kindergarten, what classes are waiting for him, what time meals and sleep will be. This will help to give the child an idea of what awaits him.


2. Development of social skills

Social skills play a key role in a child’s successful adaptation to kindergarten:
🛝 Play with other children: Visit playgrounds, organize play meetings with other children. This will help your child learn how to share, resolve conflicts and work in a team.
👥 Teach your child to communicate: Conduct role-playing games where the child will practice communication and interaction with others. It can be a game of “shop”, “hospital” or “school”.


3. Development of independence

It is important that the child is ready for independent actions in kindergarten:
🧼 Self – service: Teach your child to dress, undress, wash, use the toilet and clean up toys. These skills will help him feel confident and independent.
⏱ Time management: Train your child to a certain daily routine, which will be similar to the routine in kindergarten. This includes wake-up time, meals, games, and sleep.


4. Emotional preparation

Emotional preparation helps a child cope with separation from his parents and adapt to a new environment:
❤️ Discuss feelings: Talk to your child about his feelings and expectations. Explain that separation from his parents is normal and that he will soon get used to a new place.
🙌 Create a positive attitude: Talk about kindergarten in a positive way, tell interesting stories and emphasize how much new and interesting he learns there.


5. Preparing for the new rules and structure

Kindergarten has its own rules and structure, which the child will need to get used to:
📋 Explain the rules: Consider the basic rules of kindergarten and explain them to the child. For example, the rules of behavior in the classroom, the order of meals and time for games.
🎞️ Role-playing games: Use role-playing games to demonstrate how the day will go in kindergarten. This will help the child better understand what is expected of him.


6. Support during the adaptation period

Adaptation to kindergarten can take time, and during this period it is important to support the child:
👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Be close: In the first days of your stay in kindergarten, try to be close if possible. Gradually reduce the time of your presence so that the child gets used to being without you.
👩‍🏫 Communicate with caregivers: Talk regularly with caregivers about how your child’s adaptation is going. This will help you respond to emerging issues in a timely manner.

7. Health and Nutrition

Prepare your child for a healthy lifestyle in kindergarten:
🥗 Healthy Eating: Make sure that your child’s diet is balanced and includes all the necessary vitamins and minerals. In kindergarten, he will receive nutrition that meets the standards, but the habit of healthy food should be laid at home.
🏥 Vaccinations and medical examinations: Check that all vaccinations have been made and undergo the necessary medical examinations. This is important for the safety of your child and other children.


8. A list of necessary things

Make a list of things that a child will need in kindergarten:
👕 Clothes and shoes: Prepare several sets of comfortable and practical clothes, replacement shoes, clothes for walking and sports.
🧸 Personal items: These can be favorite toys that will help the child feel more comfortable in a new place, as well as accessories for sleeping (if daytime sleep is provided).

An approximate list of things for kindergarten

Item Quantity Note
Sets of clothes 3-4 Comfortable and practical
1 pair of replacement shoes For indoor use
Prog street clothes 1 set According to the season
Sportswear 1 set For physical education
Bed linen 1 set If daytime sleep is provided
1-2 favorite toy To create a sense of security
Hygiene products, If necessary, Toothbrush, paste, towel, etc.

Preparing a child for kindergarten

Admission to kindergarten is an important step in your child’s life, and proper preparation can greatly facilitate this process. Following our advice, you will help your child feel confident and comfortable in a new environment. At Oxbridge Kindergarten, we do our best to create favorable conditions for the adaptation and development of your children. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our kindergarten, please contact us by phone +998 (71) 263-00-14 or +998 (71) 263-22-33. You can also visit our Oxbridge Kindergarten website for more information. We are glad to welcome new students and are ready to help your child take the first steps towards a successful and happy future!

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