The importance of physical activity for preschoolers. Why is it necessary in kindergarten

Preschool age is a period of rapid growth and development of a child. At this time, the foundations are laid not only for physical health, but also for intellectual, social and emotional qualities. And one of the most important factors influencing the comprehensive development of a child is physical activity.

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Why is physical activity so important for preschoolers?

  • Development of motor skills: Motor activity is the basis for the development of all other motor skills such as coordination, dexterity, balance, strength and endurance.
  • Good health: Physical activity helps to strengthen the immune system, improve the functioning of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, and normalize weight.
  • Proper posture formation: Regular physical exercises help to form proper posture, prevent the development of scoliosis and other diseases of the spine.
  • Development of cognitive functions: Physical activity stimulates the brain, which helps to improve memory, attention, thinking and speech.
  • Emotional well-being: Movement is a great way to relieve stress, improve mood and boost self–esteem.
  • Social skills: Physical games and exercises teach children to interact with each other, cooperate and resolve conflicts peacefully.

How much physical activity do preschoolers need?

According to the recommendations of the World Health Organization, children aged 3 to 5 years old should engage in physical activity for at least 3 hours daily. At the same time, at least 60 minutes of this activity should be devoted to moderate and high intensity motor activity.

How to make physical activity a part of a preschooler's life?

  • Set an example: Children learn primarily from the example of their parents. Therefore, if you want your child to be physically active, try to lead a mobile lifestyle yourself.
  • Create a play area at home: Equip a place in the house or in the yard where the child can play, run, climb, jump.
  • Walk with your child every day: Walk with your child outdoors as often as possible. It can be just a walk in the park, a hike in the woods or to the playground.
  • Offer your child interesting games: There are many games that will be both interesting and useful for the child. These can be outdoor games, ball games, dancing, cycling, scooters or roller skates.
  • Enroll your child in a sports section: If your child shows interest in any kind of sport, enroll him in a section.

Oxbridge Kindergarten

At Oxbridge Kindergarten, we pay great attention to the physical development of children. We have created all the conditions for children to move, play and develop. In our kindergarten:

  • Spacious game rooms: Each group has a spacious playroom where children can play, run, climb.
  • Modern gaming equipment: We use only modern and safe gaming equipment that meets all sanitary and hygienic standards.
  • Qualified caregivers: Our educators have extensive experience working with children and know how to make physical activity interesting and useful for every child.
  • Regular physical education classes: Regular physical education classes are included in each group of children, which are conducted by experienced physical education instructors.
  • Outdoor walks: We try to walk with the children outdoors as often as possible.


Physical activity plays a crucial role in the development of preschool children. It promotes health promotion, social skills development and mental well-being. At Oxbridge Kindergarten, we strive to create an environment in which every child will actively develop and enjoy physical activities.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about our programs, please contact us by phone at +998 (71) 263-00-14 or +998 (71) 263-22-33. You can also visit our Oxbridge Kindergarten website and our blog for more information. We are always happy to help your child become successful and happy!

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